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High Blood Pressure Doctor in Reseda, CA

3 Questions to Ask Your High Blood Pressure Doctor

Here at Rachman Medical Group our experienced team of physicians specialize in treating high blood pressure. Let the services at our clinic help you manage your high blood pressure and get you back to feeling healthy. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 7601 Canby Ave Suite 7 Reseda, CA 91335.

3 Questions to Ask Your High Blood Pressure Doctor Near Me in Reseda CA
3 Questions to Ask Your High Blood Pressure Doctor Near Me in Reseda CA

Table of Contents:

When should you go to the hospital for high blood pressure?
What blood pressure reading is considered dangerously high?
How can I lower my blood pressure?

When should you go to the hospital for high blood pressure?

high blood pressure – or hypertensive – crisis occurs when your blood pressure rises severely and quickly, with readings of 180/120 or higher. There are dangerous consequences of uncontrolled high blood pressure with a reading of 180/120 or greater, which can include: stroke; loss of consciousness; memory loss; heart attack; damage to the eyes and kidneys; loss of kidney function; aortic dissection; angina; pulmonary edema; and eclampsia in pregnant women.

If your blood pressure reads at 180/120 or greater, you may experience the following symptoms: severe headache; shortness of breath; nosebleeds; and severe anxiety. If you experience any of symptoms – such as chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain, numbness/weakness, change in vision, or difficulty speaking – in addition to your elevated blood pressure, than you are experiencing a hypertensive emergency then call 911 immediately.

If you do not experience any of those associated symptoms, then wait five minutes and check your blood pressure again; in that case, you are experiencing a hypertensive urgency, and your healthcare practitioner may just adjust your medication or add to your medication regime, but it rarely requires that you be hospitalized. However, you should still seek medical attention as, if left untreated, it can cause complications and conditions that could be fatal.

What blood pressure reading is considered dangerously high?

If your blood pressure reading is above 180/120, then this indicates that there is a serious problem. If your blood pressure is in this range, then you are experiencing what medical practitioners call a “hypertensive crisis.” Even if you do not experience any symptoms, this requires urgent medical treatment as it can cause further medical complications and problems that could prove to potentially be fatal if left untreated.
Typically, a high reading can be temporary, and then your numbers will return to a more normal range. If your blood pressure measures at 180/120 or higher, then your doctor will usually take a second reading after about five minutes after the first. If your reading has not gone down, then that means you will require urgent or immediate treatment, depending on whether or not you experience any of the following symptoms: chest pain; shortness of breath; visual changes; symptoms of a stroke; blood in your urine; dizziness; or headache. If you experience any of those symptoms in addition to your high blood pressure reading, then you require immediate medical treatment.

How can I lower my blood pressure?

You should talk with your doctor about the best way to help lower your blood pressure and maintain a healthy number. However, there are a number of steps that you can take to help lower your blood pressure, such as:

• Reducing your sodium intake;
• Reducing your caffeine intake;
• Exercising regularly;
• Maintaining a healthy weight;
• Carefully managing your stress levels;
• Reducing your alcohol intake and quit smoking (if you do smoke).

If you have high blood pressure or are just looking to manage yours and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then speak with your doctor about what recommendations they have to help you achieve your blood pressure goals.

If you are looking to manage your high blood pressure, then Rachman Medical Group is here to help. Our experienced team of medical professionals specialize in the treatment of high blood pressure and can help you manage yours. Visit us online or call us to book your consultation today! We serve patients from Reseda CA, San Fernando CA, Twin Lakes CA, Hidden Hills CA, and Burbank CA.